Health-care clashes with culture and religion

These acts are caused by the widespread paranoia created by Muslim fundamentalist movements such as the Taliban in Pakistan and others in Nigeria. These same individuals argue – and actually believe – that vaccination programmes by the World Wealth Organization (WHO) are a tool to control Muslim populations and to guarantee “Western hegemony” in the World System.

A clear-cut example: Ten years ago, a state in Northern Nigeria (Kano) refused to allow the WHO to vaccinate children against Polio, arguing that it aimed at sterilizing the population, thus undermining the presence and growth of Islam.

Indeed, this is a solid conspiracy theory, since when talking about religion in Africa, numbers matter a lot – Churches and Mosques are establishments that compete in the religious market-place for more worshippers.

All in all, there must be a reformation in people’s minds. Education is one way to do it. Unfortunetely, in these countries – with Muslim majorities or significant Muslim populations -, secular education is often replaced with religious programmes. At the same time, half of the population – women – is left in a perpetual state of ignorance, since they are not allowed to be educated and be active citizens in the countries’ business activities.

This is nothing more than a tool to control the population, since being ignorant is being a passive citizen in national affairs.


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