Omar al-Bashir’s rule

In light of the recent popular protests in Sudan, calling for the resignation of Al-Bashir

East & South


On November 22nd, 2012, a foiled coup orchestrated by former military and security services officials took place in Khartoum. A few days later a faction within the regime declared publicly that those arrested should be respectfully treated, and not be subject to mistreatment. A question arises: was this public declaration made in order to avoid sparking more animosities among the opposition? Or does it mean that the coup plotters have some significant support from within the government and the regime? The arrests of former military commanders and also former officials of the Sudanese security services mean that the second option is more likely.

This event also shows how volatile the situation became after the South’s secession, something which triggered anger among Islamists, the military and the regime in itself. In fact, opposing voices within these groups spoke loudly against the partition of the Christian and animist south, fearing its…

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