Mozambique’s Renamo approves the country’s division

Renamo’s National Council met yesterday in the city of Beira to discuss the country’s political crisis and deteriorating relationship with the ruling party, Frelimo. The two main political party’s disagree over a range of issues, such as the electoral commission’s composition and the integration of Renamo’s fighters in the country’s military establishment. Military clashes between government and Renamo forces have been taking place north of river Save.

Despite Dhlakama’s absence, the Council concluded that the present political and military situation legitimizes the party’s intention to split the country, with north and central Mozambique to be controlled by the main opposition party, and the south going to Frelimo.

Renamo’s grievances go far back. In addition, the country’s natural riches – coal and natural gas in particular -, coupled with Renamo’s increasing inability to access finance and other resources, have also been argued as a main factor to influence Renamo’s increased rebel activity.


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