BBC News – Nigeria’s Boko Haram puts Maiduguri under ‘siege’

In case reports that Borno state’s capital, Maiduguri, is under siege by Boko Haram, is the Nigerian army ready and willing to steadfastly intervene?

The army has proven to be quite unprepared and inefective in quelling the terrorist group, therefore what can assure the Maiduguri people that they will be safe? What may happen if  Boko Haram conquers the city? Won’t they realize that the federal government is indeed unprepared to face them, and thus motivate the group to expand operations towards the centre and south (Abuja?)? How would the South respond in the event that Abuja, and the Middle Belt, were ravaged by the group, while threathening to advance southwards?

One can speculate various scenarios, but it seems to me that a western-led intervention is not far from becoming reality. Afterall, can Africa, West Africa, Sahelian countries, Europe, the US and the broader world afford to deal with an out-of-control African powerhouse? The Sahel and North Africa should have real reasons to worry about, and the same applies to the international community.


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