Warning to Museveni: Hand over or be forced out

Museveni-wavesUganda opposition are warning that unless decades-long President Museveni hand over power, he will be forced out.

Is it the right thing to do in such a turbulent region? The volatile and unstable situation in neighboring Kenya, South Sudan, the DRC, and the threat posed by AL-Shabaab, make a disputed power transition (and possibly a coup) not recommendable. Museveni is one of America’s main allies in the continent and has proven to be a major African security player and mediator.

Although as unpopular as he may be in certain environs and his part in a number of human right violations in the country and the region, the uncertainty that would follow Museveni’s demise strengthens the case for his continuation in power.

Pushes for western style democracy are dangerous. African countries need growth and stability before a liberal multiparty democracy can be implemented. The premise “growth before democracy” is vital for non-western countries. Growth, jobs, industrialization, the emergence of a middle class will certainly bring about the rise of a type of liberal democracy adjusted to the culture in the diverse sub-Saharan African countries.

Just a tiny cliche: look at the history behind liberal democracy in the West. Conflict, violence and social calamities preceded this governance model! To press for immediate democracy is counterproductive.


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