Truce between Nigerian government and Boko Haram

The Nigeria government has announced a truce with Boko Haram.

With which Boko Haram faction was the truce agreed? The terrorist group has shown before that it is highly decentralized, making a sustained and durable truce very unlikely.

If it proves to be a solid truce with a surprisingly and suddenly united Boko Haram, my guess is that:

1) the group is taking advantage of the government’s despair by agreeing to a temporary halt in clashes so as to rearm, regroup, refinance and replenish its ranks;

2) the Nigerian government managed to buy (literally) off the group. If that is the case, a huge cash transfer may have taken place and/or impunity has been granted, probably in the form of a Niger Delta-sort of amnesty. Worth reminding that Presidential elections are closing in, and a truce is extremely appealing to the electorate.


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