East and South is a blog which seeks to analyze and interpret sub-Saharan African affairs. History, economy, politics and social issues are researched and published on a regular basis.

Sub-Saharan Africa is often misunderstood as the ‘dark continent’ – not as much as due to skin colour, but in a comparative way regarding the European ‘Dark Ages’ -, an extremely wealthy mass of land inhabited by a hopeless social and economic structure, based on people who solely aim to absorb as much wealth possible by any means necessary, i.e., by killing and neglecting innocent people.

It can be said that these perceptions of sub-Saharan Africa are not that far from the truth. Nonetheless, one should understand the circumstances and conditions that gave rise to those situations which seemingly portray the Continent as ‘Dark’, ‘Hopeless’ and ruthless. It is then the goal of this blog to expose the background and explain the origins and developments of various – not all – situations that are affecting the region.


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